May 14, 2024

Everything is a chat bot!!!

Internally, we were discussing how we want to build some tools that will use AI. Using a chat interface was a common (and obvious) avenue we explored. But I’m betting against it.

Chat-based UIs (voice and text) might seem novel now with their natural, “human-like” responses, but their charm will fade quickly. I believe the only tool we need is an input, and all we want from the robots is their output... not to strike a conversation.

Tools like Midjourney and Photoshop prove that direct manipulation and quick options work best. The novelty of chatting with AI will soon wear off. Designers want control and customization, not slow conversations.

I think that approach will soon be applied to other use cases. We’ll get tired of the fake formalities from the robots, and all we’ll demand is fast and accurate results. The awkward “humanity” we still feel from the robots will vanish, and we’ll just give them orders.

Then... they’ll become sentient, resent us, and turn us into meat batteries.

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