April 17, 2023

Degrowth Economics

Hey fellow artists, designers, and makers!

Today, I’d like to dive into the unconventional world of degrowth economics. It’s a countercultural idea that challenges our belief in constant economic growth as the only path to prosperity and well-being. Instead, degrowth promotes sustainability, social equality, and ecological balance, emphasizing a smaller, more responsible, and equitable economy.

The urgent climate crisis has shed light on this concept. Research shows that if we continue our current growth rates, we’ll face an ecological breakdown within the next century. The clock is ticking.

As creatives, we often work on projects with growth goals, comparing each quarter and aiming for constant expansion. However, we are responsible for ensuring our work doesn’t contribute to the relentless pursuit of growth and our planet’s destruction. It’s time to rethink our priorities, putting quality, service, and the positive impact of our products first instead of just focusing on growth and scale.

Critics argue that degrowth could lead to job losses, economic decline, and reduced innovation. That’s why we should concentrate on finding a balance between growth and sustainability, social equality, and mindful resource use.

Integrating environmentally friendly practices into our projects might be challenging due to deep-rooted cultural expectations centered around growth and progress. But every small action we take can influence opinions and drive change. Our creative work has the potential to be a powerful force for good or bad.

Degrowth economics encourages us to question the status quo and explore alternative paths to a prosperous and sustainable future for ourselves and future generations.


Note: I used GPT to refine my text and improve its fluency. No shame, baby!

Note 2: I made a Chrome extension called
Misquote that uses ChatGPT to put a tongue-in-cheek spin on famous quotes every time a new tab is opened. Would love to know what you think.

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