April 17, 2023

AI Stuff


I've been playing with a bunch of cool AI tools lately and wanted to share them with you. Don’t be afraid to dive in, experiment, and maybe even incorporate these tools into your creative process. Embracing AI can save us time and unlock new possibilities for our weird stuff.

Give them a try and see what works for you!

Blockade Labs

Blockade Labs lets you generate virtual worlds using text prompts. Remix the styling, scene, and weather to create unique environments for your projects.


Think of Spline as Figma for 3D. This fantastic tool enables you to create and edit 3D objects in a browser at lightning speed. Now, they’re rolling out AI features, making 3D design even easier. Wattt

Midjourney v5

Midjourney's latest update takes photorealism to a new level. If you're familiar with Discord, you'll have no trouble using Midjourney.

Krisp AI

Krisp AI is an AI-powered noise cancellation app that instantly mutes background noise in real-time calls like Zoom meetings with just one click.

Stability AI

Integrate AI capabilities directly into Photoshop with Stability AI, a powerful plugin that helps you create, edit, and iterate AI-generated images.

Slides AI

Transform your presentations with Slides AI. Generate beautiful slides and compelling presentations in seconds using AI-driven design.


Dreamstudio is Stability AI's official web app. It offers a user-friendly interface, free credits, and a variety of options for generating and editing AI images.


Dalle2/2.5 is a simple interface that transforms text into images, offering unique aesthetics and image upload capabilities.


NVIDIA Canvas lets you paint with color blobs, turning them into photorealistic scenes. The recent update also supports creating panoramas for 3D or VR projects.

RunwayML Gen1

Transform videos with RunwayML Gen1 by applying uploaded images, filters, or text prompts. Get started with free credits!


Modelscope is a Hugging Face space for text-to-video synthesis. Although the space is slow due to high traffic, duplicating it to run on GPU works well.

Ok. That's it for now. Stay creative and keep pushing boundaries!

Until next time!

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